Have the cable operators given up on millennials?

Published on 30/01/2019

Category: Innovation

Competing with the streaming and OTT services is getting increasingly difficult for cable operators. News media has also made the cord cutting news as their bread and butter, giving much hype to something that is simple from the marketing point of view. This post is not about stating statistics of declining share of cable TV viewing by millennials but helping cable operators in changing few things in their marketing to start seeing those millennial subscriptions. Here are my three-point-solutions.

1. Change the look and feel of your website

Younger generation is much more tech savvy, need fast and convenient information. One of the tips I usually give to companies is to use white space, segment information into visual categories and design language using content like blurbs, call to actions and excerpts. If you already has a website that you have invested a lot of time on and do not want to make these changes, use WIX or Unbounce to make a landing page for your cable TV offering and link this to your existing website. Good part is, it is as easy as using a mobile phone.

2. Tone of your content

Millennials like content that is personal and funny. Shun that jargon heavy content and hire a college graduate to write some content. There are many services like Fiverr where you can hire a writer for as little as $5 to write that content that could change the way millennials look at you. There are websites like urban dictionary that can help anyone get a 101 on the latest terms in the millennial world. One rule for content for millennials: write as any 18-year-old will speak (sans the words that we all know should not be on a website).

3. Use social media like a boss

I have seen businesses take social media lightly but what most traditional businesses need to understand that marketing is all about ‘influencing’ these days rather than ‘Buy this’ mentality. It is likely that they might not bat an eyelid to the cable subscriptions but are much likely to get influenced by clever ads or social media posts. One of the ways cable operators can use social media is to use the demographic data they already have on millennials (e.g. age, name, emails) and target the same people on Twitter, Instagram etc. with personal, trendy and funny content. One other way to leverage social media is to use the exclusive pay-TV content and post their clips on social media to create intrigue and demand. If you can spare 3 hours, then you can line up months worth of content in one go on websites like Hootsuite.

Millennials may be known as cord-cutters but at the core of it need value, convenience and the same benefits that OTT services can offer. If cable-operators can provide the with the help of some fast and simple technology, then it is a win!

In case you are looking for some more practical marketing advice specific to marketing cable industry, reach out to me and I would love to share some more free tips.

Dipalli Bhatt

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation at Espial

Dipalli Bhatt

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation at Espial

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