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Published on 07/11/2018

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It’s a positive that the Pay-TV industry is reaping the benefits of the innovation imperative. That is, at least, if you’re among the large national operators with the resources to innovate quickly enough to keep your subscribers. Comcast, for example, has seen higher retention rates among customers with its new X1 platform and STBs, thanks chiefly to the new platform’s TV-anywhere capabilities and improved user interface. AT&T is expecting a similar benefit from its new WatchTV platform and app, which bundles more than 30 cable services into a single offering. In Singapore, StarHub has opened Hubtricity, a new center for innovation, to work with partners and start-ups to develop innovative new products and services such as smart home, Virtual Reality, and intelligent vehicles. In the UK, Sky has hired 300 new technology staff to strengthen its in-house capabilities and develop next-generation products and services.

Smaller operators slower to innovate, these are all positive developments. For smaller regional operators, however, the rollout of online TV services remains slow. Like their national counterparts, smaller operators wish to innovate quickly, but struggle more so to overcome legacy infrastructures, risk-averse cultures, and shortage of talent. This is a serious problem. Because over those same 12 months, Netflix tested and rolled out dozens of new features, produced at least 45 new series and movies, and added hundreds of thousands more subscribers to its rolls. In 2017, it surpassed Pay-TV as the top choice for viewers in the U.S. and the UK.

Cloud is key to Netflix speed and growth. How can Netflix move so quickly? Simple. It’s put cloud technologies at the center of everything it does. “Netflix’s exponential growth is attributable in part to the cloud platform decisions it made years ago that enable their subscription-based business model to scale globally securely,” writes Forbes’ Cloud contributor Louis Columbus. “Netflix and [Amazon Web Services] work together to create innovative new services based on AWS’ advances in machine learning-powered security, developer apps, and scalability,” he adds. “[This relationship] enables Netflix developers to create and innovate quickly. Netflix has a strong DevOps culture where engineers have the freedom to spin up a new AWS instance to try out new ideas in seconds without having to wait for IT to approve them.”

Put the cloud at the center of your own operations. With an average payroll of 120 employees, it’s unrealistic to expect smaller Pay-TV operators to invest at the scale of Comcast or nurture a DevOps culture to rival that of Netflix. But by putting the cloud at the heart of their IPTV strategies, smaller operators gain the platform from which they can start to innovate more quickly than ever before. A cloud-based IPTV platform brings smaller Pay-TV operators several benefits that will be critical to delivering on your customers’ increasing expectations. These include:

  • Increasing agility and efficiency
  • Cutting costs
  • Delivering a uniform – and uniformly good – experience to all your customers, across all devices and on all platforms.

Espial Elevate is your entry to cloud-based IPTV Espial Elevate is a cloud-based IPTV platform that allows operators to manage, deliver, and monetize compelling video experiences across any network (QAM, IP, OTT), and any device. With Elevate, you can provide your customers a rich user interface with Alexa voice-based control for search, trickplay and live TV viewing, along with content from Netflix and YouTube. Elevate gives you cloud-based tools for your operations, marketing, support, and engineering teams – including analytics, merchandising, promotions, market segmentation, diagnostics, and many more. When it comes to innovation in the Pay-TV space, small is no longer a barrier to slow. With your IPTV platform running in the cloud, you can keep pace with the national operators – and with your customers’ increasingly high expectations for innovative viewing experiences. If you’re ready to innovate at a faster pace, contact us to request a demo of our Elevate Cloud IPTV platform or call Ken Brazile at 1-888-4-ESPIAL.

Jaison Dolvane
CEO at Espial
Jaison Dolvane
CEO at Espial

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