On the Road Towards IPTV: Inter Mountain Cable and Heath Wiley’s Journey

Published on 11/02/2019

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With the adoption of IPTV becoming a trend amongst cable providers, we wanted to start a new blog series where we showcase why our clients are choosing Espial’s Elevate platform to drive their business towards innovation. Our first feature includes the marketing mind behind the success of Inter Mountain Cable and Gearheart Communications in the Eastern Kentucky area: Heath Wiley. Not only have they managed to position themselves as the leading cable/telco company in the Eastern Kentucky region, but they pride themselves as being constant innovators within the industry. They aim to provide their customers with affordable and high-quality broadband, phone and HDTV services.

In this short article, we asked Heath a series of questions in order to get more familiar with his story and how he contributed to Inter Mountain Cable and Gearheart Communications’ success. We also wanted to get to know more about the story of the company and their vision towards the future. Hop onboard, sit back and relax as we take you along their unique journey.    

 Heath Wiley, Marketing Director for Gearheart Communication

Heath Wiley: his journey.

Heath Wiley is the son of a Coal Miner who managed to put himself through college where he received two degrees, an Associates of Art from Prestonsburg Community College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Eastern Kentucky University.

In 1998, Heath was fortunate to gain employment on the composing staff at the Floyd County Times in Prestonsburg. He soon became the publisher of the Hazard Herald in Perry County. Then in 2007, Heath interviewed and accepted the Marketing Director position with Gearheart Communications (parent company of Inter Mountain Cable).



He has been the Marketing Director for Gearheart Communication for the past 10 years and has been heavily involved with all aspects of the Telecommunications Business from a marketing/social strategies, training, technical support and more. He loves this industry and takes pride in its success!


We aspire to bring the best HDTV experience to our customers, and we feel that Espial’s technology helped us fill that void. With the integration of Netflix and YouTube, Alexa, a custom UI and more: we could not have found a better partner.

Heath Wiley

Marketing Director, Gearheart Communications

Outside of his leadership role, he is heavily involved within the local community. He is on the Board of Directors of the Southeast Chamber of Commerce; Pikeville Rotary Club; past member of the Pikeville and Hazard Lions Club; Floyd County Chamber of Commerce; Judi’s Place Volunteer; Patton Leadership Institute and Floyd County Leadership graduate and a Kentucky Colonel.

Even through all his success, Heath stated that one of his greatest achievements was marrying, 19 years ago, his High School “Sweetheart” Christina J. Wiley.

Heath sat with Doug Hull, VP of Regional Sales to help us understand where the company is heading and how the management team is driving towards innovation by answering the following six questions. Here is what Heath had to say…

What is unique about our Inter Mountain Cable?

We are unique for this simple reason: we do not settle. We are constantly growing, investing, integrating and we are always looking for that “next big thing”. Inter Mountain Cable does not want to be labeled as a traditional “small” rural telco. We aim to be the total opposite and we feel that we, as a company, can compete with anyone.

What does Inter Mountain Cable care the most about?

This is an easy answer: our employees. Inter Mountain Cable and Gearheart Communications are and will always be a family-owned company. We started by our patriarch, Paul R. Gearheart, and Elaine Gearheart in 1956 with only 12 phone lines in Harold and we are now serving over 50,000 subscribers. Gearheart Communications is currently operated by his son, PD Gearheart, and son-in-law, John Schmoldt. This is one of the reasons we manage to be successful, our employees feel like family.


                     Paul and Elaine


What are the trends that you and your company are currently tracking and valuing above all?

Two words: broadband growth. With data usage increasing and streaming becoming the norm as well as app-based solutions being requested by end-users, broadband growth is essential for anyone in our industry. We are a world dependent on broadband and Inter Mountain Cable’s moto is: “better broadband means better lives! Video will also be key in driving the growth of broadband”.

What are the opportunities in your industry and how are you taking advantage of those?

We think that one of the biggest opportunities in our local community is the progression/growth of our fiber backbone so that we can offer up to 1-gigabyte internet solutions for our residential and business customers. To accomplish this, we are upgrading our infrastructure (both our fiber networks and coax/copper) with the integration of DOCSIS 3.1, doing system-wide node splits and just recently brought online our new Central Office which houses our new state-of-the-art equipment for our FTTH project in 2019.

What are some of the things that video operators can do to ride the innovation band-wagon?

Invest in your company, follow trends and listen to your subscribers. Things in our industry never stay the same, it’s always moving, constantly changing and continually evolving: be early adopters. Also, build the best budget you can, build a strong team and a five-year business plan. Always plan to succeed, never plan to fail.

Finally, why did Inter Mountain Cable choose Espial’s Elevate solution?

There were several reasons, but overall it was the perfect fit. We aspire to bring the best HDTV experience to our customers, and we feel that Espial’s technology helped us fill that void. With the integration of Netflix and YouTube, Alexa, a custom UI and more: we could not have found a better partner.

An announcement of Espial’s Elevate solution and Intermountain Cable can be read here.

We would like to thank Heath Wiley for contributing to Espial’s first client feature: on the road towards IPTV. His journey and input on the industry were inspiring as well as insightful. For more information on Espial’s Elevate, visit HERE.

Dipalli Bhatt

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation at Espial

Dipalli Bhatt

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation at Espial

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