Top 20 Pay-TV trends to check out for

Published on 03/04/2019

Category: Innovation

Espial Group Inc., a leader in the video delivery industry, has been named one of the 20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Solution Providers for 2019 by CIOReview. This recognition is based on feedback from industry leaders, who acknowledge that TV delivery is changing and that cable operators and telco’s around the world cannot rely solely on broadband as their main source of income during the digital transformation in the pay-TV industry. Espial’s IPTV cloud-based solution, Elevate, assists cable operators and telcos to embrace the new digital transformation in their industry. 

A full interview with Espial CEO Jaison Dolvane can be found here.

On being ranked in the top 20 media and entertainment solutions providers, we present you a short clip on top 20 pay-tv trends to watch out for. These initiatives and technological advancements will pave the way for the next-gen Pay-TV.  

Loved these trends? Want to know how can you implement them in your business? Book a demo with us. 

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

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