These Pay-TV tweets will give you Hope and Worry.

Published on 24/04/2019

Category: Innovation

The way each continent has its own unique culture, similarly Pay-TV trends differ in each continent. At one corner of the world, Pay-TV subscribers are increasing, whereas, on the other edge, cord cutters and cord nevers are breaking up with Pay-TV. There is hope, and there are challenges as well.

Check out these insightful tweets on Pay-TV which highlights the hope and challenges for the operators. Click on each tweet if you wish to read about it in detail.

1. An example of a successful product bundling.

2. Impact of Digital Transformation.

3. A tough battle: OTT Vs Pay-TV.

4. Pay-TV with voice search functionality. Sooo Cool! 

5. Investments in Pay-TV doesn’t stop! 

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Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

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