Will Smart Home Devices Like Alexa Affect the Future of TV delivery?

Published on 22/04/2019

Category: Innovation

It’s amazing how much smart home devices have impacted everyday life and this on an international scale. This new wave of technology is changing the way folks are going through their everyday life and accomplishing day to day activities. “What’s the weather today?”, “turn on and off the lights“, are just a few examples of commands that smart home device owners use to make their daily lives easier.

In fact, smart home device ownership is in the early adoption stage. “Consumers adopting smart home devices are primarily the younger demographic that is also interested in OTT video services.” (SOURCE: Parks Associates) What does this mean for the pay-TV industry? The answer is simple: smart home devices should be an integrative part of your future vision to provide customers with competitive user experience.

Imagine this: “Watch the Chicago Cubs”. That simple voice command can activate your television and bring you directly to the game. This is the future of television and a trend that has no sign of slowing down. An interesting correlation that Parks Associates has identified is that smart home device owners are significantly more likely to switch TV service than non-owners (as indicated in the chart below).

Why is this correlation important?

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular and the perception of consumers is that these technologies bring added value to their streaming TV experience because of their simplicity and convenience. The younger demographic will always choose convenience over loyalty which is a significant correlation that operators must consider moving forward. With our Elevate TVaaS platform, we have been able to bulk-certify multiple operators to ensure they can offer voice control to consumers who are part of the Alexa ecosystem. With this integration, Elevate enables consumers to find the content they want to watch faster and more easily, leveraging the Alexa range of smart IoT devices.

For more questions on how Elevate could work for you, feel free to reach out to us HERE.

Find out more about Elevate’s Alexa integration HERE.

Mick McCluskey

VP Product Management

Mick McCluskey

VP Product Management

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